Public Safety Sector

Cardinal Investigations provides pre-employment background investigation services to law enforcement agencies. 


Backgrounds have been conducted for the following positions.


  • Police Officers

  • 911 Emergency Dispatchers

  • Firefighters

  • Police Chief

  • Fire Chief

  • Traffic Control Agents

  • Airport Badging Specialist 

  • Police Support Services

Pricing for backgrounds varies depending on the type of investigation and how much travel is involved. Every background investigation will have at least one in-person interview with the candidate. When possible, I obtain various employment documents and records using technology, which saves on time and mileage. There will also be face to face interviews when appropriate. If a candidate has been recently backgrounded by another agency, we obtain and use their summary for information when possible, and do not duplicate work that has just been done. In other words, your background investigations are conducted in the most efficient but thorough manner possible.


The process for outsourcing your backgrounds is not complicated. We meet to discuss how you want the backgrounds done specific to your agency and exchange any relevant documents to get set up.  Most backgrounds occur in three phases. 


Phase 1: Your agency selects the candidate(s) and supplies them with your agency's background packet to complete. Once the candidate fills out the packet, they either turn it in to your agency first, or contact Cardinal Investigations directly and we take over the investigation. Both ways have been done successfully in the past.

Phase 2: The background investigation begins by reviewing the completed packet and coming up with a plan to maximize efficiency. An initial meeting with the candidate is scheduled and the work begins. During the investigation, I maintain communication with your agency's representative. If derogatory or disqualifying information is found on a candidate, we can stop the background if you choose. You will still receive a binder and summary of findings. 


Phase 3: Once the background is complete, we meet and go over the results and discuss any potential issues with the candidate. The final product consists of a customized binder complete with all documents obtained during the investigation, as well as an executive summary of all relevant categories covered. 


All backgrounds are unique and therefore are not priced on a per background scale. Backgrounds are billed by total hours, mileage, and any travel expenses outside the metro area. 

Please contact us for more details about background processes and rates.  

Other Services

While our emphasis is background investigations for public safety agencies, the same services can be provided to the public sector.  Investigations can be conducted for any employer that seeks a thorough look into potential candidates for a variety of positions. For example, a school board may want to conduct a throughout background on a new superintendent. A private business may want to do a background on a new employee for position of trust. We can customize a background process for you and help you set up the paperwork needed to get started. The background process can be done in the same manner described above. 


Contact us with any questions you may have regarding services.     

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