My adventure started in 1992 working a wide variety of jobs. Positions included serving as a volunteer police reserve, retail loss prevention, armored car service, community service officer, 911 dispatcher, and then police officer from 1996 to 2015. As a patrol officer for 16 years, I responded to a wide variety of calls including robbery, theft, assault, burglary, domestic disturbances, deaths, civil issues, impaired driving, and many other matters.    


The last three plus years of my police career, I served as a detective. I was able to use all the skills learned as a patrol officer along with new training, to concentrate more on detailed investigations. Investigative interests led me to specialize in pre-employment background investigations. Law enforcement agencies are starting to see value in contracting with an experienced investigator to assist with their background needs. This allows staff to concentrate on normal cases and the day to day needs of citizens, and not be burdened by time consuming personnel investigations.  As former law enforcement, I understand what it takes to complete a thorough and comprehensive background on candidates for important jobs.  

In addition to this business, I conducted security clearance background investigations with ADC LTD NM based in Albuquerque, NM for the DoD, ICE, and DIA. These investigations included face to face interviews with employers, co-workers, educators, neighbors, and anybody else involved in the subject's life. I have integrated some of the methods and skills of the federal investigative standards into my own practice, and I believe that my finished product is thorough and complete.    

My attention to detail, high level of integrity and honesty, and no nonsense approach to problem solving have served me well in my career. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss how my services and experience can meet your investigative needs.  


Proud Member of the Following Organizations:

  • International Association of Retired Law Enforcement Officers

  • Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association

  • Association of Certified Background Investigators